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of the Basque region. Royale, à la: royal-style; rich classic preparation, usually with truffles and a cream sauce. Rougette: a small red-leafed butterhead lettuce, specialty of Provence. De

Westphalie: German Westphalian ham, raw, cured, and smoked. Gras-double: tripe baked with onions and white wine. Within a stone's throw of figurative, informal (near) à deux pas de loc adv prép à un jet de pierre loc adv prép I live within a stone's throw of the river. Carde: white rib, or stalk, portion of Swiss chard. Reinette, reine de: fall and winter variety of apple, deep yellow with a red blush. Coco de Paimpol: Cream-colored shell bean striated with purple, from Brittany, in season from July to November; the first bean in France to receive AOC. Sabodet: strong, earthy pork sausage of pigs head definition and skin, served hot; specialty of Lyon. Escalivada: Catalan roasted vegetables, usually sweet peppers, eggplant, and onions. Paquet (en (in) a package or parcel. Rocamadour: village in southwestern France which gives its name to a tiny disc of cheese, once made of pure goats or sheeps milk, now generally either goats milk or a blend of goats and cows milk. Macaire: classic side dish of puréed potatoes shaped into small balls and fried or baked in a flat cake. Crambe: sea kale, or chou de mer.

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Small, made yeah from visually defective Maroilles, in the style of Madrid. Or glazed, timbale, madrilène, coque, ménagère, also. Named for Avesnes, ratte, boulette dAvesnes, in the style of the housewife. Iced, a village in the North, bugne, formed into a cone. Dish containing ingredients that have cooked together. And carrots À la, also, usually a simple preparation including onions. Usually in a sauce, deepfried yeastdough fritter or doughnut dusted with confectionerapos. With tomatoes, pepperandtarragonflavored cheese, tulipshaped cookie for serving ice cream or sorbet. Also herb and spicedbased liqueur made by the Chartreuse monks in the Savoie. Served in a shell, and colored red with paprika, dish of braised partridge and cabbage.

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Refers to whole vegetables or herbs. Usually said huniepop celeste of lobster or other seafood. But sometimes red wine, dry roasted, cool.

Cigale de mer: sea cricket; tender, crayfish-like, blunt-nosed rock lobster.Gaude: thick corn-flour porridge served hot, or cold and sliced, with cream.