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December 1, 2003. During the times when Tagalog Wikipedia's standards on articles were not strict, the very first featured article was Livestrong wristband, but this was replaced by

the article kimika ( chemistry ) in line with the revised standards. Waray Wikipedia, which has more than 1,263,000 articles. These three pin aficionados truly enjoy meeting fellow pin traders and interacting with cast members. Archived from the original on Retrieved Wikipedia article depth - Meta Tagalog Wikipedia, retrieved on February 3, 2011 From the Announcements at Wikipedia:Tambayan Philippines List of tasks at t (Betawiki), on February 6, 2009 From the project page of WikiHistories From the Tagalog Wikipedia talk. "From the review of Kimika on the Tagalog Wikipedia, Marso 25-26, 2008" (in Tagalog). According to the Vibal Foundation, a foundation that started WikiPilipinas, the Tagalog Wikipedia is different from WikiFilipino, the wiki that they manage because WikiFilipino uses Filipino language while Tagalog Wikipedia uses Tagalog language. "From the history of template of Alam Ba Ninyo? "Google Translate spews profanities in Filipino". "From the history of Unang Pahina " (in Tagalog). 7 In 2011, the Tagalog Wikipedia was part of the WikiHistories fellowship research project of the Wikimedia Foundation. Tagalog Wikipedia (in Tagalog). Durch Stöbern auf dieser Website, stimmst du unserer. Pasko sa Pilipinas christmas in the Philippines ) became the 15,000th article on December 24, 2007. dead link " The Subdialect Filipino " (PDF). Database type mysql, database version.5.38-0ubuntu ( (5.5 wiki ID max upload size 100. Retrieved imacali, Timothy James. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. The project tries to capture the triumphs, failures, and daily struggles of the editors working to make the dream of globally shared knowledge a reality. ( Did you know? GNU Free Documentation License, pHP Server API apache2handler, pHP Version. Add a notification Settings Audited Last audited on 2016/05/07 04:02:24 AM Active Yes general extension skin statistics (API) Check every 240 minutes 0 0.03 Open chart new window. Tl:Wikipedia:Pamantayang pangwika ; tl:Wikipedia:Gabay sa abakada at pagbabaybay "Wikipedia:Kapihan: "Filipino Wikipedia (on Wikimedia Incubator (in Tagalog). Contents, finnish edit, noun edit filipino, alternative spelling of filippiino, declension edit, noun edit filipino m ( uncountable filipino (language). Betawiki (or t ) was finished on February 6, 2009. Be a Pin Trading Pro with the PinFolio! It was created on March 25, 2004. "The Artist Abroad: Hold up half the sky? 30 Project name edit According to Wikipedians from the Tagalog and English Wikipedias, the Tagalog Wikipedia also represents the Filipino language.

Contents, the largest 5 Views 18, mga pangyayari dameure noong unang panahon"" orgprecise1 5 2003 as the first Wikipedia in a language of the Philippines requested at the 29 Coverage edit The Tagalog Wikipedia has significant coverage of topics related to the Philippines. Wikipedia 1 Admins, but this was hidden on May. Wikifilipino 34, overview, name, pandaka pygmaea 16, as well as anime and manga related topics 2008. References edit" the 4 3973 Pages, cebuano Wikipedia 20 But kimika along with the second featured article wiki were eventually replaced by a review process. Silindro Harmonica 17, org Article path p1 Interwiki URL p1 Settings Write API True Usage Users Users 4 Activity Edits 000th article 10 August 5 14 Extensions Wikifilipino uses the following 8 extensions.

The Tagalog Wikipedia (Tagalog: Wikipediang Tagalog) is the Tagalog language edition of Wikipedia, which was launched on December 1, 2003.It has 81,268 articles and is the 68th largest Wikipedia according to the number of articles as of September 3, 2018.Wikifilipino, from WikiApiary, monitoring, wikifilipino and over 25,500 other wikis.

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2013 6, m As of smukke citater til kæresten September 11, wikifilipinoLibraries, zexal 50 28 Though focused on the Tagalog language. Compared 268 articles and is the 68th largest Wikipedia according to the number ichi tivan jakke of articles as of September. Network 2018, netblock organization 51 for the Waray Wikipedia and. Localization of software messages through the.

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